Black Market Aftermath sprouted from the mind of Francesco D’Andrea, Film & TV Composer in the daytime, guitarist and songwriter at night, and his collaboration with Walter Marini, good architect at noon, exceptional singer at midnight, and ex roadie. “Come Naked” is their first musical experiment. The Black Market Aftermath is also two friends that met for the first time in Rome in 2009, playing cover songs in pubs and small venues in the spare time. Francesco then moved to France and settled there, while Walter remained in Italy with his family.  Despite this distance, some years after they funded the Black Market Aftermath, and started to work remotely, using internet to shrink in some way the distance that separates France from Italy.

“Come Naked”
“Come Naked” is largely based on a body of works (recordings and lyrics) that Francesco had produced in the last years before the band was born, and featuring the amazing vocals of Walter Marini together with one song penned by himself. The band duo started working on the album in the winter of 2014.

Francesco started recording anything that came into his mind, in complete freedom, and then selected some ideas to be sent to Walter. During the whole production process, they only met for one week, to record the vocals together in Rome. Despite this trip, and many efforts to record in the best way possible with severely poor instrumentation, Walter was caught by a serious fever during that week, and his voice takes were pestered by illness. The vocals had then to be recorded again by Walter alone, and then sent in France to Francesco, who mixed and mastered it all over again.

Francesco played and recorded all the instruments alone in his home recording room, and many of the tools, instruments and gear were purchased especially to make “Come Naked”. The result is a blend of influences that are not commonly seen together in a rock album. From 90s to 70s rock, from electronic ambiences to bluesy guitar chunks, Black Market Aftermath are the result of pure joy to make music, with the mind unleashed from strict categories, and a deep love for rock. The band is now looking to expand from 2 to 5 players, and to begin their first tour.