Howling the wind comes…

This picture dates November 2014, I had just arrived in Rome with a flight from France to meet Walter and record his vocals on the tracks of our album “Come Naked”.

I had two suitcases full of audio equipment, cables and microphones. I meet Walter and he says “Hey, I got the flu and a bad cold tonight, I have no voice”. I was like: “Shit”. We went down the studio room and started recording the first song’s vocals. At the chorus Water was already done. We went back in the house upstairs and decided to find any solution. My sister said “Try this” and gave me some natural herbs drops. We poured them in a steaming pot full of hot water, and Walt started inhaling like a mad, his face hidden under the towel. This is what you see in the picture.

15 minutes later he raised his head and re-emerged to our world, the red face and dropping sweat all over. He said “I’m ready now”. We rushed back down to the studio room and hit the record button again. We made it through the first song, “Howling”. Walter needed to do this face-into-steam thing at least every each hour during the recordings, but eventually we did it. We had recorded and finished our album. And despite all of this, I have to say Walter gave some kickass performances through all the tracklist. Now have a listen and let us know what you think!

PS: Thank you, sister!