Black Market Aftermath’s debut Album is out now!

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For those who might be wondering, the boxer punching hard the other one in the album cover is Francesco’s grandfather, who was a professional and very good boxer, and to whom this album is dedicated.

We’d also like to dedicate this album to all musicians sitting in their rooms and home studios right now, trying to make, like us, some good records.
We also want to thank some magnificent people that helped us to make this record. We’ll always be thankful for your help and support. Our thanks and special gratitude go to:

Emilia Sibilla, Giovanni “Johndan” D’Andrea, Norma Angiolillo, Rossella D’Andrea, Ciro De Caro, Walter’s family, PJ. You were all crucial to the making of this album, and thus we love you!

“Come Naked” is the first musical experiment of The Black Market Aftermath.

The Black Market Aftermath is Francesco D’Andrea and Walter Marini, two friends that met for the first time in Rome playing in pubs and small venues, and then decided to work together on a record. They funded the Black Market Aftermath, and started to work remotely, using internet to shrink in some way the distance that separates France from Italy.

“Come Naked” is largely based on a body of works (recordings and lyrics) that Francesco had produced in the last year, and featuring the amazing vocals of Walter Marini together with one song written by himself.

Thanks also to Charles Bukowski and Jimi Hendrix, endless sources of inspirations in style, tone and attitude.

And last, but not least: This album was made possible by an enormous, gigantic, silly, inadvisable amount of cups of coffee!

We hope you’ll like it, and if you do, please spread our music to your friends!

Thank you!

The Black Market Aftermath.